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START HERE: Harvey Wheeler Community Center at 1276 Main

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Public, accessible bathrooms: Fowler Library, West Concord Union Church, and Dunkin’ Donuts (We apologize that bathrooms at CYT and Concord Rec are not available this year. The nearest public bathroom to Harvey Wheeler is the Fowler Library)

Parking: Bike to West Concord on the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, or take the Fitchburg line of the Commuter Rail to West Concord (Zone 5, wheelchair accessible). If driving, park at the Commuter Rail lot. Please do not park in the immediate vicinity of the performances so as to facilitate safe walking and listening. Parking at Harvey Wheeler is reserved for performing groups and those with a handicap placard.


Dogs are welcome but must be kept on leash and under firm control. 

Harvey Wheeler/Libraries/CCM

Harvey Wheeler

1-2 - Stoney’s Wicked Din - "Little big band" performing blues, soul, jazz, swing, latin, R&B and more

2:30-3:30 - Grenadilla Gang - Classical and pop favorites arranged for clarinet choir

4-5 - Walden Brass - Brass quintet playing fun tunes from medieval to contemporary

Concord Conservatory of Music Labyrinth

1-2 - Max Anderson - Singer and multi-instrumentalist at the intersection of bluegrass, folk, and classic country

2-3 - Max’s Fault - Lively Bluegrass tunes with genre-jumping selections from Garcia, Dylan and beyond

3-4 - Mes Amours - Concord Conservatory's premier student rock band, performing a mix of covers and originals

3:30-4 - CCM Student Jazz Ensemble

4-5 - Sarah Whitney - Looping violin soundscapes including original crowd pleasers, captivating tangos and reimagined John Lennon

Fowler Library

1-2 - Blow My Own Horn - Acoustic guitar, voice, looper pedal, and trumpet

3:30-5 - Timber Timbre - Old time fiddle tunes and songs and maybe something extra

Main Library in Concord Center (during Book Sale)

10-11 - Standard Time - Classic rock voice and guitar duo

[WIQH broadcasting 11-1]

1-2 - Lori Z Jazz Trio - Jazz standards and blues with some contemporary thrown in!

2-3 - The Meichen Show - Pop tunes reimagined for flute


Debra’s Alley

1-3 - Maria Frattura - Sophisticated jazz and pop

3-5 - Acoustically, Laura - Upbeat and soulful covers of classic rock, pop, and other favorites from the 60s, 70s, to now

Twin Cakes Plaza

1-3 - Elizabeth Munger with Guest Liz MacDonald - Acoustic covers and originals 

3-5 - Garold Amadon (CEO) (Curmudgeon ExtraOrdinaire) - 12 string guitar, original ballads with a nautical edge in nautical folk 

Junction Park 

1-2 - Anne Sandstrom and John Loretz - Acoustic duo performing folk and pop songs from the 1960s to today

2-4 - Familiar Strangers - Lively mix of bluegrass, old country and acoustic covers of familiar classics

4-5 - Free Admission - Blues, folk & upbeat rock classics

Highland Street

50 Highland

3-4 - AJ Capowski - Singer-songwriter playing all original music

55 Highland

1-3 - CCHS teen bands Carnival Fish and friends

4-5 - Rich Eilbert - Hard-hitting and heart-felt songs in the folk and bluegrass genres

80 Highland

3-4 - The Anna and Mickey Show - Songs that matter, killer harmonies and lots of laughter

99 Highland

1-3 - Polarized Guru - High energy jazz/funk fusion

4-5 - Linda Marks - Original songs and poignant covers at the heart of our times


31 Derby

1-3 - Subject2Change - Swing, R&B, funk, and Latin covers and originals

51 Riverside

3:30-5 - Joe Bodenrader - Classic outlaw country, folk and Americana

56 Riverside

1:30-2:30 - Charming Arson - Fuzz-drenched poetry, slick licks, and hints of eastern mysticism

35 Pleasant

3-5 - The Space Between - Funky, danceable, playful hits from all the decades

64 Pleasant

2-3 - John Ferullo - Folkie originals and cover

28 Prairie

1-2 - Mother Fungus - Original psychedelic rock band exploring diverse soundscapes with a danceable groove

3-5 - Poor Yorick - Rock covers, offbeat hits, and the occasional original

96 Prairie

2-4 - Antarctica - 60s and 70s pop covers 


9 Shirley

3-5 - Walk Don’t Run - Bluesy pop originals and fun classic covers with retro-rock grooves

10 Shirley

1-3 - Allie’s Comet - Acoustic, electric, and a little bit eclectic: modern takes on back burner rock hits

60 Chase

3:30-5 - Scott O - Classic acoustic rock blending into some MTV-era 80s music 

Central Street

31 Central

1-2 - Matthew McLaughlin - Eclectic indie singer-songwriter and wanna be crooner singing mostly original music 

3-4 - Dave Cocco - Eclectic covers from classic rock B-sides to indie jams.

50 Central

2-3 - PJ Rogue - Original songs in the story telling tradition

4-5 - Mark Hastings - Covers and originals with humor, focused on human relationships

125 Central

1-2 - Bay City - Indie rock band performing covers and originals reminiscent of the 90s

149 Central

2-2:30 - Conchords - Jazz, blues, pop, and favorites from the American Songbook 

182 Central

1-2 - Ghostguard - Catchy alternative rock

245 Central

4 - Max and his mom make their debut for one song!

CCHS teen bands F-Word and Made a Fool

256 Central

2-4 - Main-Central-Prairie & Friends - Local West Concord group that plays rock, country and indie

284 Central

1-2 - Howie Rashba - Acoustic folk covers on guitar, banjo, harmonica, and foot tambourine

4-4:30 - Jack Eppington - Boston-based folk-pop singer songwriter performing solo on voice and guitar